ivstudios.nl is an all-round graphic design studio.
We can design and create a variety of marketing materials for you, your company or the projects you are working on.
We create stuff to make you happy and your business or projects successful!

What we do:

IVSTUDIOS is an all-round graphic design studio. We create all things graphic and have experience in Branding, Brand Identity, Logo's, Illustrations, Posters, almost everything print. We love to express our funny side by drawing Comics, which can also be used to raise Brand awareness. Recently we started to explore the world of webdesign and CMS, so we're always evolving. Check out our portfolio to see some of the commissions that we have worked on to date.

Who we are:

ivstudios is a brainchild of Gerbrand and Wouter, two self-taught graphic designers. We first took an interest in Graphic design (mostly Comic design) in secondary school, and never really let it go. We have grown from strength to strength ever since! Although creatives, we also have a background in Architecture and Political Science & History. So, we bring significant personal and business experience to each project that we undertake. 

After completing several graphic design commissions for a number of different customers, such as a prestigious University of Cambridge college, we decided to set up our own graphic design studio. We have continued to create high-quality marketing materials for a host of satisfied clients. 

Why we should talk:

If you are someone who is looking for a graphic designer you should definitely talk to us!

As freelance graphic designers we are committed to making the world a more beautiful place by providing great design. Helping you, your brand, or your event with a highly personalised, bespoke service that can solve all of your individual marketing or brand identity requirements. We have over a decade of experience with graphic design programme's, such as Adobe Creative Suit, with some side trips in CMS, CSS, HTML, Motion Grapics and3D Render Programmes. Our skills have helped our clients to improve brand awareness, market events or conferences and as a result; improve sales.

Through our creativity and experience, we can help you, your brand or your event reach a much wider target audience than it currently is!

Interested in working with us?

Or curious if we could be of service to you? Send us an email with your info!